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Welcome to the New NYLIVECAM. 
NYLiveCam is the central location for New York City Traffic Cameras.
Tolls for cars during peak hours. 

 Port Authority New York City Crossings.

Holland Tunnel, Lincoln Tunnel, Goethals Bridge, Outerbridge Crossing, Bayonne Bridge and George Washington Bridge are $13.00.
Verrazano $15.00
Whitestone Bridge, Battery Tunnel, Midtown Tunnel Throgs Neck Bridge & Triborough Bridge are $7.50
Henry Hudson $5.00
Gil Hodges and Cross Bay Veterans $3.75
New Jersey Turnpike Toll Calculator for Cars.
Garden State Parkway Toll Rate PDF
EZ Pass is an electronic toll-collection system used in the New York City Metro Area.
EZ Pass saves time and money as many tolls are discounted  when you used your EZ Pass instead of paying cash.
Consider the Verrazano Bridge Toll which is $15.00 Cash and $10.66 with EZ Pass. Now If your a Staten Island Resident you can sign up for Plan code SIR 
residents of Staten Island only pay $6.36 toll or $6.00 toll if a resident takes more than two trips in a calendar month.
As added bonus many commuter and discount plans are available through EZ Pass and is free to sign up for.
Popular plans include:
The Port Authority Carpool toll rate is $4.25 and available to all E-ZPass customers who subscribe to the Carpool Plan. The plan requires that there are three or more people in a vehicle with non-commercial plates. Customers must use a staffed "Cash/E-ZPass" lane and come to a complete stop so that the Toll Collector can verify the number of occupants in the vehicle. Plan Code: (PACP)
The Port Authority Green Pass Discount Plan offers a $4.75 toll rate during off-peak hours to qualified low-emission vehicles. Visit www.panynj.gov for program details. Plan Code: (PAGRN)
The Port Authority NY/NJ Staten Island Bridges (PASI) Plan offers a 60% discount off the cash toll rate. The Plan requires 3 trips in a calendar month at the Goethals Bridge, Bayonne Bridge, and the Outerbridge Crossing. The cost of each trip is $5.25. Account holders making fewer than the required 3 trips will be charged at the prevailing E-ZPass rate. This plan is available to E-ZPass private account customers with non-commercial plates who enroll in the PASI Plan. Plan Code: (PASI)

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